Hillary Personally Overturned Ban on Radical Islamist Now Accused of Rape of Minors


PJ Media reports Hillary Clinton personally overturned the ban on Tariq Ramadan and approved his visa. Ramadan is the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan el-Banna. The ban was put in place by the George Bush administration in February 2004.

Ramadan is facing multiple accusations of rape and sexual assault of minors.

Tariq Ramadan

Embracing terror-tied Islamists was the fashion in the Obama administration. Ramadan is a “scholar” as are so many fundamentalist Islamists. He is a European Islamist star, born in Switzerland and a professor at Oxford – he’s now on leave. Terrorists in suits with the “scholar” label were acceptable and still are for many.

The New York Times reported in 2010:

Six years after using the Patriot Act to revoke the visa of a prominent Muslim academic, the United States State Department reversed itself and said Wednesday that it would no longer bar the scholar from entering the United States.

The decision came in the form of an order signed by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. It paves the way for the scholar, Prof. Tariq Ramadan, to apply for a new visa free of the authorities’ former accusation that he had contributed money to a charity connected to terrorism.

Many believe he hid political Islam behind unifying rhetoric, convincing people that Western and fundamentalist Islamist values can co-exist. He portrayed himself as a moderate and many took him at face value.

His older brother Hani Ramadan was deported from France last year for presenting “a threat to the public order.”

In 2015, we reported that Hillary personally overturned the ban. Mr. Ramadan reportedly used his visits to the US … to engage in what the Brotherhood calls “civilization jihad” in the United States: proselytization, recruitment, indoctrination, fundraising, and other forms of promotion of the totalitarian, supremacist Islamic doctrine known as shariah.

The State Department under Hillary Clinton took a number of actions warming up to the terrorist group — the Muslim Brotherhood — in addition to allowing Ramadan to visit and lecture. For example, she:

  • Ran a succession of meetings with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) – a multinational group that is, like the Muslim Brotherhood, determined to impose shariah worldwide. These are now known as “the Istanbul Process” and are aimed at finding ways to accommodate the OIC’s demands for restrictions on freedom of expression guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, so as to preclude “blasphemy” against Islam and its adherents. [Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton worked closely with the OIC to pass UN Resolution 16/18,” which calls on all nations to essentially criminalize criticism of Islam.]
  • Assorted efforts undertaken in the name of “engaging” the Muslim Brotherhood both in Egypt and the United States. These amounted to de facto U.S. recognition of the Muslim Brotherhood, and also helped the Brotherhood realize some of its goals.
  • Secretary Clinton waived congressional restrictions on aid to Egypt, allowing $1.5 billion to be translated in a highly unusual lump-sum payment.
  • Secretary Clinton waived congressional restrictions on aid to the Palestinian Authority, which now has a so-called “unity government” that includes Hamas, a designated terrorist organization and the Palestinian franchise of the Muslim Brotherhood. This cleared the way for a transfer of $170 million in U.S. foreign aid to the terrorist organization, Hamas, and its partner, Fatah.

The ‘Supreme Guide’ of the international Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie, in September 2010, openly called for jihad by all ‘the Arab and Muslim peoples’ against the United States.”

Here is the waiver for the alleged child rapist:

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