Hillary Plans for the Unraveling of Obamacare



Hillary wants Obamacare to unravel as we can see in a recently leaked chain of emails from Wikileaks.

In a chain between Clinton and her senior policy adviser Ann O’Leary titled “Memo on Cadillac Tax for HRC,” Clinton said she’s open to changing her position on the Cadillac Tax — but that the Republican plan to repeal it must pass.

“Given the politics now w bipartisan support including Schumer, I’ll support repeal w ‘sense of the Senate’ that revenues would have to be found,” Clinton wrote. “I’d be open to a range of options to do that. But we have to be careful that the R version passes which begins the unraveling of the ACA,” she continued.


Despite her statements on the campaign trail about wanting to make Obamacare better, she wants it to unravel in order to go to Single Payer. Having the government control who lives and who dies has been her goal and as you might remember, she suggested that in a speech to Goldman Sachs. She also told the  globalist bankers that they can count on her to tell them the truth in private while she tells the public something else in public.

That type of control over the inferiors is what Goldman Sachs undoubtedly wants as well.

She told them Single Payer will be a better system because it keeps costs down. It keeps costs down by giving everyone inferior care but the people aren’t Mrs. Clinton’s concern. She has baskets for everyone.

The summary of her speech to Goldman Sachs leaked by Wikileaks contained a quote from Mrs. Clinton.


*Clinton Said Single-Payer Health Care Systems “Can Get Costs Down,” And “Is As Good Or Better On Primary Care,” But “They Do Impose Things Like Waiting Times.” *“If you look at countries that are comparable, like Switzerland or Germany, for example, they have mixed systems. They don’t have just a single-payer system, but they have very clear controls over budgeting and accountability. If you look at the single-payer systems, like Scandinavia, Canada, and elsewhere, they can get costs down because, you know, although their care, according to statistics, overall is as good or better on primary care, in particular, they do impose things like waiting times, you know. It takes longer to get like a hip replacement than it might take here.” [Hillary Clinton remarks to ECGR Grand Rapids, 6/17/13]

The woman who “screws up” everything she touches with “hubris”, to quote Colin Powell, will make our wonderful health care system into something unrecognizable.

As Americans within the government exchanges and those who still rely on private insurers continue to face skyrocketing costs, Clinton is waiting for the opportunity to push single payer and if she does what she wanted in Hillarycare, the penalties for not abiding by it will be very stiff.


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