Hillary Clinton Won’t Use the Banned Word “Illegal”


Fusion’s open borders, more Mexican than American, propagandist Jorge Ramos secured Hillary’s promise to not engage in even the thoughtcrime of illegal immigration. If illegal immigration isn’t illegal, than it’s legal and our borders, which are open will stay that way.

Ramos put the question to Hillary this way in his interview yesterday: “Last November you said the following and I quote: ‘I have voted many times to spend money to build a barrier to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in,’” Ramos noted. “So first question: would you commit to not using the term ‘illegal’ or ‘illegal immigrants’ in the future?”

Clinton responds: “Absolutely. That was a poor choice of words and obviously, historically I have used ‘undocumented.’ I haven’t used it since and I won’t use it in the future.”

The regime will accept no thoughtcrime if they are to succeed.

As George Orwell said as he lay dying, “If you want to picture the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face…forever….the solution is simple, don’t let it happen.” Remarkably, Orwell was a socialist, yet he could see this danger.

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GA Pope
GA Pope
7 years ago

The ONLY reason she will not use the term “illegal,” is because passing that word from her own lips has done and will do nothing more than bring forth all of the guilt that she has inside of herself and within the Clinton family based on ALL of the “illegal” events that they have been involved in – – past and present! What an embarrassment it would be for her to use a term that defines her and willy and chelsea as well as any of her past state department coherts and her current campaign aides! She and the entire clinton family name are pretty close to being the biggest embarrassment to this country – right beside BO and his chew-bacca!