Hillary Responds to Orlando Terror Attack in a Most Bizarre Manner


hillary startled

Hillary Clinton is off her rocker. After the second most horrendous terror attack in the United States in 15 years, the dingbat, who hopes to become president, is calling for gun control.  She called this radical Islamic terror attack an act of “hate” as did the president earlier in his press conference.

Hillary echoed his remarks in a written statement, also not mentioning Islam but condemning… guns. She bemoaned “other violent criminals.”

Obama called the Orlando Islamic terrorist and other terrorists hate-filled and would not mention radical Islam during his Sunday press conference. He did say we had to do something about guns because there is easy access to them.

“This massacre is a further reminder of how easy it is to get their hands on a weapon to shoot people in a school, or a house of worship, or a movie theater or a nightclub,” he said during remarks early Sunday afternoon at the White House.

He said the U.S. has to decide if that is the country we want to be, and to “actively do nothing is a decision as well.”
Obama declared the overnight shooting “an act of terror and an act of hate,” but did not characterize the attack as Islamist terrorism.

Most would say we would like an administration that fights terrorism and calls it what it is.

The terrorist in Orlando got his guns legally, despite an FBI background check and even though the FBI investigated him on three separate occasions.

What law would have stopped him?

In reality, the LGBTs need to arm themselves. In fact, all Americans need to arm themselves because this administration and Hillary Clinton will not protect us. She won’t even use the term, radical Islam, and has promised to never use the term.

The heterosexual Americans are LGBTs’ friends as are Republicans. The radical Islamists hate, literally HATE, LGBTs and want them dead. Sharia demands they be killed. They are the Nazis of the day and Christians, LGBTs, Jews are the Jews of 1939.

Donald Trump responded and the answer to his question is there is no hope with these leftists.

In the meantime, Hillary is carrying on against guns, oblivious to the threat we face. She retweeted this:

As Dr. Gorka said, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have betrayed the American people.



  1. I seriously doubt that this was the most deadly mass shooting ever in the United States. I am sure the US army did worse to the Indians in the settlement of the wild west!

  2. Instead of lecturing people on tolerance and gun control — how about telling people like Omar Mateen not to slaughter in the name of Allah?

  3. Hillary did you have input to the Judge in Stanford,”swimming Pig”. You would have laughed like the rapist you defended, probably still are laughing. Ok take my guns away, then I can’t defend myself and family from people like you, Slick Willy, or Prez Barack Hussein Saddam.No votes from me for Hillary Clit.

  4. Isis kills gays, one of their preferred methods is throwing them off of tall buildings. This isn’t Isis law it’s muslim law. And we are importing them by the thousands and blaming guns. At least the democrats are. Even the muslims are calling for more gun control. Same agenda as the democrats. Make us all defenseless.

  5. lets be clear. In his speech POTUS said: ” This massacre is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people”
    Easy? The guy was investigated by the FBI TWICE!!!!
    Passed a background check for a gun license for his job to be a security guard.
    So please someone tell WHAT MORE could have been done to deny his access to guns?

  6. Why are they immediately calling out gun owners?saying well if this is the way we choose to live we need to rethink things.I got a crazy idea.maybe we should rethink our refugee programs. How about that for starters.this pig was looked at twice by the FBI and they still have him clearance to by a fire arm,so let’s put the blame where it belongs.the Obama administration who is only worried about offending Muslims while they plan attacks on our children

  7. GUN FREE ZONE, GUN FREE ZONE, GUN FREE ZONE, GUN FREE ZONE, GUN FREE ZONE….Makes me feel safe and secure and oh by the way, why didn’t the swat team engage sooner and not wait until he ran out of ammo?

  8. Islam is an Organization of hate and intolerance. To use the word radicalized when referring to Islam is ignorant of the fact of what Islam is. There are no “peaceful muslims” because according to the Quran if you don’t believe in the entire Quran you are not a muslim and therefore are subject to the same punishments that nonbelievers suffer…DEATH or Slavery which would entail being a sexual partner for you slavemaster, you can also choose to convert and are not treated as a full muslim and have to a pay a tax. This is all in the quran. The famous quote Obama quoted about killing a man is like killing all mankind and saving a man is like saving all mankind, he didn’t quote the whole verse where it states about transgressors or the next verse where it talks about the punishment for transgressors or in other words those that do not follow Islam. This is all readable online in translated versions of the quran and you can get literal translations of specific words as well…people should be educated.

    I am for a Obama, Hilary, and Islam free America!

  9. Never heard such nonsense spouted.. The country deserted GOD.. so let the devil rule. Change you mind set folks..it won’t be long now and will get worse. Prayers for all !

  10. Yeah right, guns are the problem. That’s just more dishonesty to mask the failures that the Obama administration, and Hillary herself, refuse to take responsibilty for. It was the disastrous foreign policy of defending, apologizing for, and appeasing Isamic terrorism that has resulted in multiple attacks on Americans. She can’t face up to her misakes so a scapegoat is blamed.

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