Hillary Says Russians Stole the Election In a “More Effective Theft Than Even Watergate”


It “was a more effective theft even than Watergate.”

Hillary doesn’t want anyone subjected to what she was subjected to, even Republicans, i.e. having the election stolen by Russians. No one in the Kremlin with boxes and trolls to mix up in our election.

This is from the woman whose foundation received $145 million after she okayed the sale of a U.S. uranium mine. That was when her husband gave two lucrative speeches in Russia.

Hillary lost the election because she ran a terrible campaign and was a terrible candidate.

What did Russia do exactly?

What exactly did the Russians do if they are indeed guilty? Well, we don’t know, but if they were involved in securing the leaked DNC and Podesta emails, they helped Americans see the outrageous corruption in the DNC and on the Clinton team.

We learned that they cheated Bernie Sanders of votes during the Primary and beyond. Somehow, we are supposed to believe this was part of a Russian plot to get Trump elected.

In one email,  John Podesta appears to believe we are facing nuclear war as an outgrowth of the Iran deal, yet Hillary has been vocal in supporting it.

Podesta answers, “Yup” to  Mark Kirk’s statement:“This agreement condemns the next generation to cleaning up a nuclear war in the Persian Gulf… This is the greatest appeasement since Chamberlain gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler.”

Hillary embellished climate data for political purposes. We could expect a lot more of that had she won.

The Center for American Progress, the Soros-Podesta entity, expected to exercise outsized influence over the 45th president of the United States had Hillary won.

We found out that Hillary was supplying weapons to countries she knew were supporting ISIS; she wanted free and open borders with a North Atlantic Union type organization; one of her major goals was to fill up the country with another 300 million immigrants; and she wanted hate speech laws. There were references to gun seizures.

The Russians ended up doing us a favor if they are guilty, not to say that we approve of foreign governments interfering in elections. It should be noted that the American people have yet to see proof of Russian interference and there is no evidence that Trump’s team or Trump himself colluded with the Russians.

If you want to laugh, here you go:

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