Hillary says she’s ‘under enormous pressure from many, many people’ to run


Emma Barnett at the BBC interviewed Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea who were hawking their new book, Gutsy Women. Hillary teased a possible run for President, telling Barnett “I never say ‘never’ to anything.”

When asked by Barnett if she would run, Hillary said she’s “under enormous pressure from many, many people to think about it.”

We didn’t realize she had that many relatives.

“My goal is to help retire the current incumbent [President Trump]. I think about the kind of President I would have been all the time…obviously… I would have been a much better and successful President,” she said.

Would someone please tell the woman that our economy is the best the world has seen, according to some news reports.

Go to 07:28 for more: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07tnr11



  1. Well, Ms Clinton you never said where those many, many people said to run, so I will help you out. Just start running in any direction and don’t stop until you reach your desired destination, hopefully, the Antarctic. You are so far fetched in your remarks about being a better President I laughed. Ms Clinton you do not have the smarts to run a country nor the intelligence. You are only interested in how much you can make from your devious ideas with foreign countries.

  2. She is the brain of the Democratic party, she is still hiring people on Twitter to run for office. Interesting would be to find out who is the bank. Did you hear Chelsey saying the talking point “that works for everyone”? I think she’s itching to run for office only if impeachment drops Trumps approval ratings. She’s not looking very healthy, but she is still helping to elect people in key positions. She recently put out a map with states that tightened election security, you know, those that make it harder to cheat. So I think there is a slim chance shell run but she’s helping her cause. By the way, the election is gonna be about healthcare and environment.

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