Hillary Says Top Top Secret Email Confirmation Changes Nothing



The Intelligence Community Inspector General (IG) I. Charles McCullough III confirmed that several dozen Top Top Secret – beyond Top Secret – emails have been discovered on Hillary Clinton’s home server. Bill Clinton had access to the server as did all the techs working on it. Her lawyer had many of the documents from the server at one point. Many of the emails were sent to a non-government employee, Sidney Blumenthal.

The fact the IG confirmed that some of the emails on the server are beyond Top Secret (Secret Access Programs, SAPs) changes nothing, Hillary said.

Speaking to NPR’s Ari Shapiro in San Antonio on Wednesday, the Democratic presidential candidate continued to maintain that she “never sent or received any material marked classified” while at the State Department “and that hasn’t changed in all of these months.”

The former secretary of state said the claim was a “continuation of an interagency dispute that has been going on now for some months.”

“As the State Department has confirmed, I never sent or received any material marked classified, and that hasn’t changed in all of these months,” she maintained. “This, seems to me, to be, you know, another effort to inject this into the campaign. It’s another leak.”

In response to the earlier Fox News report, the Republican National Committee said Clinton’s email server issue “has taken on an entirely new level of recklessness.”

“The revelation that Clinton exposed intelligence from our most secretive and highly classified programs raises serious legal questions given the fact she signed non-disclosure agreements obligating her to protect classified information regardless of whether it was marked,” said RNC spokesman Michael Short.

Clinton added, “I’m just going to leave it up to the professionals at the Justice Department, because nothing that this says changes the fact that I never sent or received material marked classified.”

She said “the best we can determine” is that the emails in question were a forward of a New York Times article on a classified drone program and that they had likely been retroactively classified.

“How a New York Times public article that goes around the world could be in any way viewed as classified, or the fact that it would be sent to other people off of the New York Times site, I think, is one of the difficulties that people have in understanding what this is about,” Clinton said.

Though the drone program was classified at the time, it was being written about publicly, which Clinton said, “strikes me as somewhat strange that there would be a — an effort by those who are leaking this — and obviously that’s what’s happening — to try to raise concerns and doubts about information in the public sector.”

She added, “But even if they have retroactive concerns and doubts, that doesn’t change the fact that these were not marked classified at the time they were sent or received.”


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