Hillary/Schumer/Cnn Op Brian Fallon Calls Out to Ban Trump


Brian Fallon, the former spokesman for Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, and current CNN contributor, told Twitter CEO “Jack” Dorsey it’s time to kick Trump off his social media platform.

The President’s intimidating tweet to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un preceded the Fallon plea:

President Trump is employing a common political theory known as the madman theory.

The madman doctrine is a political theory commonly associated with U.S. President Richard Nixon’s foreign policy. He and his administration tried to make the leaders of hostile Communist Bloc nations think Nixon was mad. According to the theory, those leaders would then avoid provoking the United States, fearing an unpredictable American response.

It was first devised by Dwight D. Eisenhower when Richard Nixon was his vice president.

It is so effective, it scared poor Brian Fallon.

Always on the lookout for a new point of attack, he has called for censorship.

Fallon insulted one of Trump’s doctor’s appearance as making him unsuitable:

Fallon constantly says the President is “not well.”

He retweeted the communist VanJones’ Color of Change post:

Here’s an obvious take-away:

The same liberals who are suing Donald Trump for blocking some trolls, want to ban him from Twitter. Several who responded said they reported him to Twitter:

These are some of the immediate responses from supporters:

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