Hillary Sprains Her Hand in India, Last October It Was Her Toe In London


Hillary injured herself, possibly during her near-twice fall this past weekend at Johdpur in India or not. She was forced to cancel some of her planned events. A team of doctors from a private hospital nearby was sent to the palace where she is staying to examine her. Doctors have told her to rest.

Hillary was visiting the monument Sunday when she tried to walk down stairs with a burly man holding her. She inexplicably fell but the man caught her mid-fall. Another man grabbed her by the other arm to help her down the remaining stairs. With two men holding her, she fell again and was caught mid-fall once more.

Apparently, she sprained her hand. It’s unclear when that happened.

In October 2017, she took a spill in a London hotel that left her with a broken toe. Then in September 2016 her collapse at the 9/11 memorial raised health concerns. She’s back to having coughing fits again as well.

Mrs. Clinton also has seizures according to Channel 11 news anchors.

After bashing Middle America as a bunch of “backwards” dopes and trashing Trump supporters as haters of blacks, Indians, and women, she probably isn’t going to get a lot of sympathy from half of America. In any case, there is something wrong with her.

Hillary began having these problems in a public way after an accident in her home. She said she hit her head on a bedpost. It’s likely the fall was more of a symptom of an illness like Parkinson’s.

A leaked Colin Powell email has Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse telling a Democratic donor that Hillary’s health is so bad that she “could barely climb the podium steps” during an event they both attended. Sheldon Whitehouse is a far-left guy who ardently supports Hillary.

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