Hillary Suggests Trump’s Followers Are “Racists & White Supremacists”


After receiving The International Unity Award in Selma, Alabama on Sunday, Hillary Clinton claimed bitingly that “racist and white supremacist views are lifted up in the media and the White House.”

“This is a time my friends when fundamental rights, civic virtue, the freedom of the press, the rule of law, truth, facts and reason are under assault. And make no mistake, we are living through a full-fledged crisis in our democracy. Now there may not be —thank God—  tanks in the streets but what’s happening goes to the heart of who we are as a nation.”

With that statement, Hillary Clinton not only characterized the President, but his followers as well. All who support him are racists and white supremacists.

That tactic dehumanizes the President’s followers, and limits their ability to express support for him. Followers can’t even wear MAGA hats. Every slogan is vilified.

Campaigns need those accoutrements.

Also, her approach has the added benefit of diverting our attention from the fact that communists and socialists have taken over the liberals and the Democratic Party.



The failed presidential candidate will never say the nation is a Republic. It’s always a democracy for her and her allies. She doesn’t want a Republic or an effective opposition party.

Remember, it is Hillary’s DNC and her campaign people who came up with the dossier. That opposition ‘research’ has caused years of turmoil for Republicans, not only the President.

Clinton falsely claimed in her speech that civil rights were rolled back. That line, and portraying Trump followers as racists and white supremacists, is meant to terrify Blacks. She is the one we all should be afraid of. It is Hillary Clinton who has little regard for our freedoms and the rule of law. The President is trying to preserve our sovereignty and our rights, most recently free speech on college campuses.

Claiming the media is lifting up racist and white supremacist views has two advantages for Clinton. It gives the media their marching orders and it isolates Fox News and outlets like The Daily Caller and Breitbart.

A little off topic here, but she’s a southerner again…

Hillary’s southern accent is back so she can better pander to her Black audience.

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