Hillary Takes Money from Nations that Back ISIS


Hillary Clinton is making some very historic moves. One of them is to take money from the very people who fund ISIS and abuse women and LGBTs.

She has taken hundreds of millions from the funders of ISIS. Her husband accepted a $1 million birthday gift from Qatar.

Hillary also arms these same people and the arms turn up in terrorists’ hands.

Russia Today bought the rights to show this interview by Dartmouth films with Julian Assange in which he says it is the most astounding email he found in the whole collection.

The same people who fund ISIS, fund the Clinton Foundation. This is where Saudi and Qatari government money is going, Assange says on the tape.

The news of this and the fact that she has been hacked by five foreign intelligence agencies to a 99% certainty proves she can be bribed and blackmailed.

This is the leader of the party that just loves women and gays.

Confirmed: Hillary Provided Material Assistance to Terrorists, Perjured Herself to Congress

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