Hillary Tells Voters to ‘Swing Left’, Obama Endorses Hard-Left Socialist


Hillary Clinton on Monday told voters via video on Twitter about the importance of voting in the upcoming midterm elections. She urged supporters to get out the vote in key swing districts to help Democrats retake control of the House.

Her hashtag is #SwingLeft. And she does mean left — very, very left.

“Imagine being able to hold this administration accountable, and actually make progress when it comes to affordable health care, the rights of immigrants and refugees, the urgent challenge of climate change, and, yes, I could go on and on,” Clinton said in a video shared on Twitter.

Hillary means illegal immigrants when she talks about immigrants.

She, of course, referred to our republic as a democracy. The reason she did is because she’s a leftist.

Her approval rating according to Gallup is low at 36 percent. It’s well-deserved.

Barack Obama endorsed a communist [Democrat Socialist] Andrew Gillum and incompetents like Bill Nelson.

The Patch reported that he also endorsed little commie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She wants to abolish ICE, provide “free” housing, healthcare and college, and she wants to do away with prisons and Capitalism.

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