Hillary Thinks NRA Members Are Dupes


Hillary Clinton gave a speech in Iowa Wednesday and told her audience that the NRA keeps their members frightened, with the insinuation being that NRA members are dupes. She didn’t stop there. She told them that negotiating with the NRA is like negotiating with the terror state of Iran or the communists who were responsible for more than 100 million deaths.

Watch Hyperbole Hillary:

So says the woman who can have black helicopters protecting her. How many armed guards does she have? The irony of people who have guns protecting them lecturing us about our guns.

The mass shooting either took place in gun free zones or in areas where people would likely be unarmed. The Oregon killer knew his victims and knew they would be sitting ducks.

A survey of prison inmates posted on Townhall this past week found that criminals who thought there were lawfully armed civilians present were 56% less likely to commit the crime and if they see a gun, it went down to 92%.

Hillary is making the NRA to bad guy to build up her support. She should really worry about getting herself a criminal lawyer before she ends up in the hoosegow.


  1. All I need to say about Hillary is Liar …Bitch ..
    Watergate scandal. .. Bengazi…
    She is everything that is wrong with our government. .. How the hell can she even step foot in Washington after all the lying she has done starting with Watergate. We the people should have a big say so in her employment by our government. All that vote for her are foolish and should not reproduce for the sake of mankind.

  2. Well if Hillary is doing the negotiating like they did with Iran and the communists the NRA will get everything they want. If that’s not enough a contribution to a foundation or two will buy anything you need.

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