Hillary Trashes Trump in a Bizarre Response to New York City Bombing



Hillary Clinton, with help from the media, has been trashing Donald Trump for quickly calling the New York City bombing a “bombing” even though Hillary did exactly the same thing because it was obviously a bombing. Remember when we were allowed to call bombings what they actually are and radical Islamic terrorism by its name?

The PC police are out covering up the acts of radical Islamic terrorism.

The AP reported that an Isis-linked group took credit for the Minnesota knife attack of 8 people in a mall in St. Cloud, calling the attacker their soldier of Allah. The mainstream media is calling the acts of terrorism in New York City “incidents” and are ignoring Minnesota and New Jersey as much as possible. Geraldo Rivera is calling the New York City “incident” an act of “terror vandalism.” Mayor Wilhelm of New York City has finally brought himself to call the New York City bombing a “likely intentional act”.

CNN edited out Clinton’s opening sentence referencing “bombings” in its breaking news coverage Saturday night, as reported by The Hill.  

Not to be outdone is Hillary Clinton who so underplayed her reaction that it’s frightening. She can’t keep us safe.

Hillary criticized Donald Trump for calling the “incident” in New York City a “bombing” but she did the exact same thing.

Hillary is running on the “nothing is wrong” policy and we all need to sing “Kumbaya” with flowers in our hair.

She looked oddly disconnected and spoke in slo-mo.

This was Donald Trump’s reaction was normal. He received the information from someone who knew it was a bomb and he spoke clearly and with conviction. For that, he is being trashed.

Trump also tweeted [Hillary has only tweeted Trump-insults]:


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