Hillary Wants Her Own Bank



Hillary Clinton is going to create jobs the way Obama did with a $275 billion infrastructure spending plan aka stimulus. There will be lots of temporary jobs for union workers. She said she will pay for it by changing how businesses are taxed but didn’t give details.

She made her announcement at a Boston rally.

The Democrats have to be stopped before they destroy Capitalism. They have no understanding of how it works or how to create jobs.

It gets worse – she wants her own bank – an infrastructure bank! She will start it up with $25 billion or $50 billion.

One can only imagine where the government would take this. The bank would give out loans and grants.

The first and most serious problem is that the bank takes more power from Congress and passes it to the Executive Branch in yet another power grab. The bank would not be answerable to Congress. Worse yet, we’ll have another bureaucracy to grow our new socialism for America movement.

This bank gives grants and loans which merely funnel taxpayer money from one source to another – there is no “banking” in the sense of loans being paid back. Probably nothing will be paid back.

The private sector involvement could end up being more corporate welfare.

What about the possible loss of control by state governments in all this?

In the end, it’s another form of deficit spending. “Investments,” is the new buzzword for “spending” and the corresponding “tax hikes” by a government that has not grown jobs despite the expenditure of billions in TARP and Stimulus money.

She projects this will encourage private investment and, along with government spending, will inject $500 billion into roads, bridges, buildings, et al.

Déjà Vu!

She called it the launch of “Hard Hats for Hillary”. The hard hats are union workers and these are jobs for them. The private investors would undoubtedly be encouraged with tax dollars and we would get to see four more years of crony socialism.

bernie supporters at hillary rally
Bernie protestors outside the Hillary rally.

Bernie did her one better. He wants a $1 trillion dollar stimulus for union workers.

In Boston, Clinton noted the construction industry was hit hard during the financial recession and promised to rebuild “ladders of opportunity available to anybody who is willing to work hard” so workers can enter the middle class.

Democrats are socialists and capitalism won’t survive under Hillary or Bernie.

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