Hillary Wants Us to ‘Respect’ and ‘Empathize’ With Enemies Like ISIS


Hillary Clinton wants us to show “respect”, “understanding” and “empathy” for our enemies like ISIS, the people who want to kill us and bring the war to us. The very same people who behead babies, cut children in half, crucify teenagers, enslave women, and torture everyone.

Hopefully this will kill her candidacy because she will be an incompetent president.

She calls it “smart power.” That’s a misnomer for you. (Why doesn’t she donate her head to the cause?)

What she is saying in the video is what she did in the State Department.

That undoubtedly means we should empathize with the KGB dictator of Russia, Vlad Putin, North Korea’s Un, and the Ayatollahs of Iran.

Hillary is not resonating with people and  is having problems filling up a room when scheduled to speak.

In October, Hillary spoke on behalf of Maryland’s then-Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown to a half-empty room though Brown’s staff claimed a thousand supporters showed up.  According to the Daily Mail, it was evident that there were far fewer attendees, as most of the nose-bleed seats on one side of the gymnasium were empty, as were areas of the bleachers on the side.

For a second time, on December 3rd at Georgetown University, Hillary spoke to half a room.

She charges $200,000 a speech.

A Politico reporter released shots of the recent event:

empty Hillary's missing audience



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