Hillary Will Realize Her Dream of Single Payer


crazy-hillaryIf Hillary wins in November, Single Payer wins.

Hillary is a Marxist from her early college days when she lapped up Saul Alinsky’s claptrap and she still is. Her HillaryCare was worse than ObamaCare and she is already talking about public options and tightening the screws on the young and healthy by forcing them to buy health insurance with prohibitive fines.

In July, she came out is support of the public option. Once that is in place, it’s over. There is no insurance company that will be able to compete with the government which has their taxpayer ATM. We will then see the serious rationing and death panels.

ObamaCare is failing and, as planned, the left will segue into Single Payer and it has already begun.

Politico is reporting that the Democrats in Congress have brought back the public option – government insurance. Only a liberal or leftist would look at a failing program and then say let’s save it by doing more of the same.

Thirty-three mostly liberal Democrats, including all the Senate leadership, have signed onto a nonbinding Senate resolution introduced last Friday to add the public option to Obamacare, arguing that it is needed to fix problems with the president’s signature health care law, Politico reported.

Tim Kaine didn’t sign up yet but only because it’s too close to the election and he doesn’t want you to put two and two together.

They keep saying moderate Democrats are resistant and Politico is surprised. Hello? They are up for re-election. Nothing surprising about it.

It doesn’t stop there. She will raise penalties but force won’t stop there and the lies will continue.

The lies will keep coming as they did when we were promised we could keep our doctor, our plan, and our hospital. Only now is the president asking which doctors are covered.

Clinton has repeatedly said on the campaign trail that she would “defend” the Affordable Care Act if elected president. Her campaign website pledges that she will “build on its success to bring the promise of affordable health care to more people and make a ‘public option’ possible.”

In July, Clinton affirmed her commitment to giving Americans in every state the choice of a “public-option” insurance plan — which she supported during her 2008 presidential campaign and Sanders pushed for during the ACA debate — and allowing people below Medicare age to opt into the programby offering it to those who are 55 and older.

Hillary never had to move left, she is left but she’s an incrementalist like Obama.

The left also wants free or cheap healthcare for illegals at a time when our debt is approaching $20 trillion dollars.

The Fiscal Times reported:

According to the newspaper’s [Wall Street Journal] survey of the 25 counties with the highest concentrations of illegal immigrants, 20 of them provide inexpensive or free medical services, vaccinations, lab tests, surgeries and prescription drugs. The recipients are assured their immigration status isn’t a problem – and they won’t run into trouble with the INS– as long as they can demonstrate that they live in the county or jurisdiction.

Immigrant advocates see this as a fiscally sensible and humane approach to addressing the problem of uninsured immigrants. The number of immigrants treated annually by county governments across the country varies widely, from as many as 135,000 in Los Angeles County, 115,000 in Dallas County, Texas, 103,000 in the Boston area and 71,000 in Queens County, New York, to as few as 54,000 in Santa Barbara, Calif., and 25,000 in Montgomery County, Maryland.

“If federal programs exclude people who live here and get sick here, then someone has to care for them,” George Leventhal, a Democratic Montgomery County council member, told the Journal. “We all pay anyway.”

It doesn’t matter that it’s an invitation to illegal immigration, it doesn’t matter that services will be greatly expanded, it doesn’t matter that it’s unsustainable – the left doesn’t have to prove it will work.

When ObamaCare was pushed through with bribery, extortion, and lies, there was a battle to include illegal immigrants. Make no mistake. They are still on the agenda.


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