Hillary Won’t Get to Put Coal Miners Out of Work, Trump’s Saving the Industry


President Trump signed legislation Thursday to eliminate the environmental regulations that would have taken half of the of the nation’s coal reserves off limits to mining. The industry would not have been able to mine new reserves.

The debris bill prevented mining near streams but it was intended to destroy the coal industry.

In December of last year, the House passed the bill to eliminate the rule. The Senate passed it soon after.

“Make no mistake about it, this Obama administration rule is not designed to protect streams,” said Representative Bill Johnson, a Republican from Ohio who sponsored the move to reverse the rule. “Instead, it was an effort to regulate the coal mining industry right out of business.”

As the President said, coal is vital for the nation’s defense.

It’s a beginning of a roll back of former president Obama’s stringent environmental rules aimed at destroying fossil fuels.

The President made good on the promises he made during the campaign to save the coal industry.

Coal miners were in the room and one spoke. They are very relieved.

Had Hillary won, our energy industry would have continued its decline. She was going to improve the economy by putting a lot of coal companies and coal miners out of business. Promising unicorns and imaginary jobs for them after she puts them out of work, she tried to take it back afterwards but the truth was out.

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