Hillary won’t rule out a run for president but time’s almost up


Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea appeared on the Graham Norton Show and, as usual, she coyly played her game of letting people think she might run for President. She said she would have to act quickly since time is running out.

She told BBC’s Graham Norton last week she is “not yet” ready to be forgotten as a political force and would “have to make up [her] mind really quickly” if she were to step back into the ring.

Norton asked, “And where are you? Are you saying forget me, is that your mantra now?” She said, “right now I’m not at all planning that. I’d have to make up my mind really quickly…”

She explained she isn’t going anywhere — sadly — and will be part of the national dialogue.

That reflux problem of hers which causes her to have long coughing fits won’t play well on the campaign trail, no matter how “spectacular” Howard Stern thinks she is. She also has that falling problem and sometimes has to get thrown into the back of vans. Then there’s the spasms or seizures she has from flashbulbs popping.

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