Hillary’s Audacious Tweet After Saying, “Our Goal Is to Help Strengthen Russia”

None of Hillary’s many policy failures and illegal acts are as egregious as her efforts to “help strengthen Russia”. Those were her words.

Despite being behind all this seeming corruption in our past administration, Hillary Clinton had the audacity to tweet that the Russians are still coming and intelligence professionlas are “imploring Trump to act.”

It isn’t Trump who refused to act and, in fact, helped the Russians, it was her corrupt State Department and her boss.


The Obama administration, including Hillary Clinton, especially Hillary Clinton, allowed the Uranium One deal to go through, knowing about the Russian bribery/extortion racket beforehand.

The deals went through even though the Obama administration knew the Russians had a bribery scheme going with a U.S. Uranium trucking company. The purpose of the scheme was to give Russia control over U.S. energy.

Three months before Bill met with Putin, on March 19, 2010, Hillary met with Putin. She had objectives: there was a nuclear treaty which Russia didn’t abide by and we had already given up the defense system in Eastern Europe.

Most remarkably, while standing next to Foreign Minister Lavrov, she said, “our goal is to help strengthen Russia”.

Soon thereafter, the Russians were outmaneuvering Clinton and moving military hardware into Syria, working with the Iranians and diplomatically organizing the Middle East while the U.S. sat idly by.

Hillary Clinton as secretary of state did more damage to this nation than any in U.S. history.


Hillary Clinton’s campaign was behind the Russia-Trump probe. She still is behind it. It was her operatives who compiled the so-called documentation.

Despite dueling Republican and Democrat memos, three things are eminently clear. Material facts were kept from the FISA judges. The FBI went to a secret court with a secret document for a secret warrant to spy on a U.S. citizen with an unverified document without disclosing the DNC/Clinton campaign paid for it. They did not tell the court the source was unreliable and about to get fired.

The FBI omitted other facts: Yahoo’s story source was Christopher Steele, Bruce Ohr’s wife worked for Fusion GPS; they omitted the connection between Ohr and Steele; and they did not mention Page and Papadopoulos were not associates.

Americans should be very concerned that Americans can be spied on with nothing to back it up.



  1. This is a great summary. After reading it I wonder about Hillary strengthening the position of Russia in the Middle East. She created an environment in which Russia was emboldened in Syria. Later she advocated a no-fly zone there, which would escalate into a US-Russia conflict. That made her the deep state candidate. She thought her leftist policies combined with deep state militarism would make her president. Was she trying to start a war? ISIS greatly grew during her years. This led to the inevitable conflict between Russia & ISIS. Whatever the reasons, she caused lots of trouble, leading to many deaths.

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