Hillary’s Back, Won’t Go Away, She’s Out of the Woods Commenting on Comey

The face of crazy.

Hillary Clinton won’t go away quietly. That is what she has said and she does seem to feel the need to comment on everything. She has been saying for months that Comey is the reason, or one of the reasons, she didn’t win the election, yet she is of “mixed mind” over his firing.

A close associate who spoke to the former Democratic Party nominee after news of Comey’s firing sparked controversy said that while there are no tears being shed for the former FBI chief, “taking him out of his job at this point only reinforces the point that he was on to something,” the Daily Mail reported.

It’s odd that no one can ever find a scintilla of guilt in her felonious acts, but, here it is months after the election, and we are all taking a fishing expedition of Trump-Russia collusion with no evidence.

A lot of “folks” at the FBI wanted the indictment as it turns out. McCabe was quickly shut down when he said this.

It’s so ironic that one of the reasons Trump used for firing Comey was Comey’s inept handling of her case. Friends of Clinton say they don’t believe that “excuse”.

Lock her up!