Hillary’s Status Quo” Bus Tour Bombs with Mostly Teeny Crowds


Clinton’s Americana bus tour is drawing to a close. She traveled more than 400 miles from Philadelphia to Harrisburg to Johnstown to Pittsburgh before crossing the state border into Ohio late Saturday night. It was designed to continue her so-called momentum. It’s going along pretty much like all her bus tours including her mystery bus tour – not well, but we are trying to give her credit where due.

Hillary’s event in Cleveland was cancelled due to lack of interest and a high number of no-shows though the campaign said it was because of time constraints. The event was titled, “Cleveland Manufacturing Event”. A real winner for the NAFTA supporter.

Hillary and her boring VP Tim Kaine are traveling in buses with her logo and the words, “Stronger Together” painted on them.

They decided to stop along the road in Cleveland anyway, drawn teeny crowds.

small crowd at roadside stop

roadside stop2

Her toadies at Politico are calling it the Star Spangled Banner Tour and bloviating about all the flags displayed (not burned) at her destinations.Clinton campaign aides are now even distributing small American flags to supporters at their larger rallies.

Much of the Democrat base prefers to burn US flags.

At Johnstown Wire Technologies yesterday, the fourth stop in her tour, she drew crowds of tens. Even Mark Cuban’s appearance didn’t seem to attract more people at Johnstown. The media said it was because it was a select audience and not public. It was a phony, photo-op stop. They probably had to show photo IDs to get in.

At Temple University, there were lots of empty seats.

Hillary spoke to crowd of dozens at Temple Ministries, the AME Church.

Temple Ministries

She drew a decent crowd in Pittsburgh, allegedly in the thousands, though the nose bleed sections appear to be empty. It’s hard to get the truth because the media deliberately exaggerates the number of attendees in her favor.


Columbus was her ninth and final stop. She seems to have had more people there than some of her other failed stops. It’s hard to tell because the photos are so carefully taken from just the right angle.

Her re-introduction at the DNC was the sixth re-introduction since she first announced her intention to run for president.The media as we know is an arm of the Democrat Party. Remember when they ran after her bus like a bunch of rottweillers with dynamite strapped to their backs? She was ignoring them and when they were allowed to follow her, she had her aides walk with ropes around them.

Click to see reporters run after her Scooby van:

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5 years ago

The lack of enthusiasm for #Crooked Hillary does not surprise me. Actually, it did a little until I had several separate conversations Sunday with family members all living in different parts of the country, a few middle class, others very poor and all of whom went gaga for Barack Obama.

This year is a different game and many are reeling from the pain brought about by eight years of Obama, in spite of which a few still worship the despot but they all two things in common, i.e., they are all millennials and NONE are voting for Hillary.

Ditto that for their friends, too. (That, of course, meant that I spent several hours on the phone and texting confirming to them their suspicions that Donald Trump is not really racist and that Hillary Clinton was going to raise their taxes.)