Hillary’s Cure for Terrorism: Do a Much Better Job of “Getting to Know One Another”, And The Food Too


Airhead Hillary Clinton spoke at a charity fundraiser on Monday and offered her prescription for dealing with terrorists: we have to do a much better at “getting to know one another”. It’s also about getting to know the food and such.

“This is a time for us to reach out to the world, to understand more about what is happening. Not just in our own country but indeed across the globe,” Hillary the globalist told her audience at a Baltimore fundraiser.

“And it is a time to remember how important our alliances are. Getting to know one another. Learning about the experiences, the lives, the cultures, the religions, the food.”Putting yourself in another’s shoes, walking in them. It’s even more important that we work together with our allies and our friends and our partners,” she continued.

“Yes, to keep us safe, but also to expand our understanding of what we can achieve together,” the former secretary of state added.

“This is not a time to lash out, to incite fear or to use tragedy and terror for political gain,” she said, taking a not-so-veiled jab at President Donald Trump.

She also praised the terrorist-tied mayor of London.

We just need to get to know one another and that will cure terrorism.

Getting to know you…Getting to know all about you…Getting to like you…Getting to hope you like me too…All the beautiful things about you…Haven’t you noticed…Suddenly I’m bright and breezy? Because of all the beautiful and new…Things I’m learning about you…Day by day

Picture terrorists as you listen to this.

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