Hillary’s Emails Show Her to Be a Liar Once Again



Another batch of 7,000 Hillary emails have been released and 200-300 are labeled classified but former secretary of state Hillary Clinton will just say they weren’t labeled classified when sent.

Again, one must ask, who wouldn’t know these emails are classified? Judicial Watch has sued the State Department for records of Hillary Clinton’s training on handling classified information.

Watch the announcement:

Hillary has said over-and-over “The State Department has confirmed that I did not send nor receive material marked classified,” but she’s playing with semantics to escape responsibility.

Here are two examples.

one of 200-300 emails


How in the world would she NOT know they are classified? They aren’t being declassified for a decade.

Hillary testified before the House that she was not involved with security, yet her email shows she tried to evacuate the Libyan Prime Minister and it shows she received a request for supplies to help the acting prime minister leave Benghazi and transition into Tripoli, the nation’s capital.

It looks like Clinton gave the okay to his request, and asked her aide Huma Abedin if the U.S. government could ship the requested supplies to a Libyan port.

You can read that email on this link. She had time to worry about the Libyan PM’s security but not our Ambassador’s?

It’s also been shown that she constantly received requests for more security from people but she claimed (under oath) that she did not. She lied, under oath, that the 600 requests for more security in Libya were not requests that would come to her level.

When Hillary Clinton was asked if she knew of the existence of the document outlining the State Department Rules of Engagement for Libya, she stated: “I don’t, and even if I did I couldn’t disclose it to you because it puts people at risk.” As it turns out, the State Department Rules of Engagement were a topic for discussion on blogs in 2012: State Dept. Rules of Engagement Kept Marines out of Tripoli, Benghazi in Libya

Hillary was responsible for having a foreign rent-a-militia in charge of our Ambassador and Sean Smith. The Marines should have been there but it is a State Department prerogative.

Hillary does appear to have been a driving force behind the illegal war in Libya despite testifying that she wasn’t. Evidence in one email follows. It’s dated August 21, 2011 from Jake Sullivan to Cheryl Mills and the headline read, Tick Tock on Libya.

email Libya



There are numerous emails showing the close ties of Hillary Clinton and the administration to George Soros’ looney Center for American Progress. Hillary and her minions appear to be admirers of the leftist rag, Salon.


The majority of the emails were from 2011 and 2012 but some go back further and they can be found here.