Hillary’s Happy New Year Message: “2018 Was a Dark Time”


Hillary Clinton had a “dark message” for everyone this New Year’s Eve. Without mentioning his name, she blames Trump for what she says are the dark times.

She wrote on Instagram: In many ways, 2018 was a dark time for our country. As it ends, I’m grateful to everyone who brought light into it: activists who protected kids at the border, journalists who stood up for truth, organizers who mobilized voters for the 2018 elections, candidates who ran races with grit and inspiration, voters who made their voices heard, and absolutely everyone who marched, donated, called, and protested to fight for the values we share. Here’s to more light in 2019, and to a shared commitment to make it as bright as possible. Happy New Year.

The aged photo of the trio, Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea looking to heaven with desperate looks in their eyes is a nice touch.

She also tweeted to her leftist pals: “I’m grateful to everyone who brought light into 2018: organizers, journalists, candidates, marchers, activists, and voters. Here’s to you. Happy New Year.”

The failed presidential candidate is referencing the leftists who backed her and trashed the President and everyone who supports him.



  1. She’s campaigning, ever remark has campaign overtones.

    She should be happy for every she is not indicted. During the year, Trump and his party allowed the massive coverup of her crimes to continue.

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