Hillary’s Husband Says She’s Struggling Because She’s a Woman


bill dementia

Here comes the woman card. Bill Clinton said Hillary is struggling to reach the working class voters because she’s a woman, yet he wants everyone to vote for her because she’s a woman.

Is he saying the working class are bigoted against women in powerful positions? Hillary forgot to say that when talking about the “Deplorables” on Friday.

Isn’t he also suggesting the working class are all men?

Her Foundation, her emails, her constant lying, her unpleasant personality and voice, her elitism and condescension can’t possibly be the reason. The “deplorables” and “irredeemables” and their enablers – half the country – don’t like her because she is a woman!

CHARLIE ROSE: “Why is Secretary Clinton who has an agenda, an economic agenda, having less appeal to working class America than you did, that your constituency, and she has a program, and Donald Trump is getting more of their vote. Why is that?”

BILL CLINTON: “Well, that’s been steadily the case, started in the 1960s and it’s just kind of going on. But you’ve got to understand, a lot of this is cultural. She’s the first woman candidate for a major office. She’s trying to get the third term of a party. Winning a third term in a row is difficult. And I will say again, the level of disillusionment with the economic, political, and social orders all over the world is very high.”

It couldn’t be her cackle, could it?


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Thomas Faddis
5 years ago

Cackle-off, lol? https://youtu.be/1BTRY8VcTgQ