Hillary’s Husband Stars in an ISIS Recruitment Video



Hillary Clinton said during the debate that Donald Trump is being used in ISIS videos to recruit jihadis. She has no proof and can’t produce said video. Trump has demanded she apologize but so far she has only walked it back with her campaign saying she meant it in a general way.

Trump says Hillary lies about virtually everything so Sanders came out and called Trump a “pathological liar.”

Redstate posted an ISIS recruitment video that, as it turns out, doesn’t have Trump in it but it does have her husband – THE FORNICATOR – as they phrased it.

Barack Obama also has a prominent role with some other familiar faces.

Obama star

Bill Clinton is knowns as Hillary’s “secret weapon” and she is going to unleash him in January which means the GOP candidates can rightfully say her main supporter is used as a recruitment tool in ISIS videos.

The video came via live leak:

Go to 1:38 on the mark to hear her claim there are ISIS videos of Trump being passed around:

You can also hear Trump’s response about her “making it up in thin air.” She really did too!



  1. The MSM won’t touch this, this video is all over the internet, I doubt this will be mentioned on MSM, the MSM is one of the biggest threats to our country, they don’t report the news, they decide what the news is!!!!!!!!!!!!

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