Hillary’s Husband’s North Korean Nuclear Deal Looks a Little Shaky



Kim Jong Un welcomed in the New Year by blowing up a bomb that he claims was a hydrogen bomb. In a statement, he said the main point of the nuclear test was to “make the world … look up to our strong nuclear country and labor party by opening the year with exciting noise of the first hydrogen bomb!”

He acts up when he feels he’s being ignored.

Secretary of State, Clinton oversaw a hands-off approach to North Korea with a policy called “strategic patience.” It was as effective as her Russian reset. Strategic patience meant sitting back and watching North Korea build up their weapons of mass destruction. Hillary was counting on North Korea collapsing which was an idea based in magical thinking.

The US has spent a lot of time blowing trillions of dollars while North Korea has been working on their nuclear weapons.

People need to know that North Korea has ICBMs that can reach the US. North Korea may or may not have detonated a hydrogen bomb. Eventually, we will see the same behavior from Iran who are currently outsourcing the work on their bomb for the next several years and they work on nuclear R&D.

Both Clinton and Bush fed the beast, trying to placate them with payoffs at times and leveling useless sanctions at other times. China is the force behind North Korea and we have neglected this area of the world.

Breitbart posted the following interesting facts asking if this will help blow up Hillary’s campaign.

In 2011, Secretary Clinton said, “As for North Korea, it shows a persistent disregard for the rights of its citizens and presents a major security challenge to its neighbors. We will continue to speak out forcefully against the threat from the regime that it poses to its own people and beyond.”

In 2007, then-candidate Obama had promised to meet with North Korean leaders, among others, “without preconditions,” saying that “the notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them–which has been the guiding diplomatic principle of this [Bush] administration–is ridiculous.” In his campaign manifesto, Obama went further, promising to “eliminate North Korea’s nuclear weapons program” through diplomacy.

Nothing has happened.

Governor Christie said that “three out of the four nuclear detonations that the North Koreans have done have happened on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s watch, and they have just not acted strongly at all around the world.”

That is true but the real problem began in 1994 when Hillary’s husband orchestrated and signed the North Korean Nuke Agreement. Clinton promised that “The Entire World Will Be Safer.” He also said North Korea would be closely monitored and would go along with the deal or not be part of the community of nations.

It is exactly what Barack Obama has been saying about the Iran nuke deal.


There’s more:

Clinton thought they’d never get a nuclear weapon but Pakistan had no problem giving them one. It’s what Pakistan is only too happy to do.

People are over-analyzing whether they shot off a real bomb or not. North Korea has a nuclear bomb and, in the least, this was a provocative nuclear test.

Our ambassador to the UN Samantha Power had no clue and was caught unprepared. Power and her team showed up at an emergency Security Council meeting and appeared blindsided. They presented nothing.

Resolutions we have had in the past have done nothing. The State Department issued a statement that they will not accept North Korea as a nuclear state but they already are a nuclear state.

We need to get our North Korean ambassador Dennis Rodman back to North Korea since he’s the only one talking to Kim Jong Un.

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  1. Little Ding Dong is the child that has a tantrum whenever some else is getting more attention. For months, the world has pretty much ignored the little dictator and so he throws a tantrum in an effort to show that his is bigger than theirs is.

    In this instance, he gets a pass due to the focus now placed on the Clintons.

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