Hillary’s impeachment tour! Says the Founders warned us about Trump


Hillary Clinton, dressed in what looks like drapes out of 1970, said Nancy Pelosi did an extraordinary job on the “somber” impeachment day.

It was so somber, the Democrats were cheering. It’s what they have been asking for since 2016.

The failed presidential candidate made her comments while on a tour for her book, Gutsy Women, which is more like an impeachment-choose me as President tour.

Hillary said President Trump’s “actions” with Ukraine are “exactly what our founders warned us about.”

“I am one of those who watched this with deep concern because of the national security implications of what the articles address namely the president’s behavior with respect to Ukraine,” Pelosi said.

Actually, she is what our Founders warned us about with her corrupt handling of national security and her obstruction of justice with a hammer and BleachBit.

She is so dishonest, but, unfortunately for her, Donald J. Trump is still our President.


Speaker Pelosi’s mind is one step behind Joe Biden’s mind. She has to hunt for the word ‘trial’ in this clip and says, ‘whatever you want to call it’ to give herself time to think of the word.

And Donald J. Trump is still our President.



  1. Hillary, here you go contradicting yourself once again. You and your followers now say the founders were just a bunch of racist,warmongering, sexist pigs,just like you speak of Trump. I think it was Ben Franklin who reminded his readers that a liar needs a very good memory. Yours is obviously failing.

  2. Alinsky’s rules…Accuse your enemy of your own crimes…Let me try to get my mind around this idiots profferings…she supports open borders…No Borders = No Country…attacks the 2nd Amendment, wants to ABOLISH the Electoral College…No College = No Constitutional Republic…Is she for real??? Well she did say that Democrat voters were stupid…remember Obama also saying that all American voters were thus inclined. Wonder how these malcontents can actually look in a mirror???…Actually smugly, for the votes cast appear to bear out their observation…maybe they get an extra boost from the “dearly departed” and ILLEGAL aliens…

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