Hillary’s Islamic Scholar-Terrorist Friend Jailed for Rape in France


Clinton’s radical Islamic pal, Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder and Hamas funder Hassan al Banna. Ramadan, a professor at Oxford University, was arrested in Paris last week and charged with raping two Muslim women.

He also had sexual relations with underage girls in Switzerland.

In Paris, he raped and beat one woman in 2009 and raped a feminist activist in Paris in 2012.


Woman’s advocate Hillary Clinton went to bat for Ramadan while she was Obama’s secretary of state.

Clinton signed special orders to allow the reentry of two radical Islamic academics whose terrorist ties had for years banned them from the United States. One of them was Ramadan. As the nation’s chief foreign affairs adviser, Clinton exercised her exemption authority to allow Ramadan and South African sociologist Adam Habib, a critic of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, back into the country.

That was despite the fact that the State Department repeatedly denied him entry.


Ramadan is world famous and supports Hamas. He has worked for Iran and donates money to terrorist causes.

A few months before Clinton approved his U.S. visa, a Dutch university fired Ramadan over his extremism and his work for the Islamic Republic of Iran. The move capped the beloved Muslim professor’s assessment that London subway bombers were justified in acting out against their oppressors because the “British government is helping Iraqi people to be killed.”

There is no doubt he is a radical terrorist and Hillary knew it.

Thanks to Hillary, he was able to visit four cities and spread his terrorist message.

This is who Hillary Clinton is. We caught a break when she lost. Maybe it was divine intervention.