Hillary’s Lying, Cheating Machine in Full Gear



Update at the end.

From speeches to the Wall Street executives she claims to hate to corrupting the vote, Hillary is in full Clinton mode.

In one of her speeches to Goldman Sachs executives and technology titans, Hillary spoke glowingly of the work the bank was doing raising capital and helping create jobs, according to people who saw her remarks, Politico reported.

“It was pretty glowing about us,” one person who watched the event said. “It’s so far from what she sounds like as a candidate now. It was like a rah-rah speech. She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director.”

Another said, “It was mostly basic stuff, small talk, chit-chat, but in this environment it could look really bad.”

Imagine insulting people you take hundreds of thousands of dollars from? What do they think of her?

Her campaign said it was nonsense and people were just trolling.

But honestly who would pay $225,000 per speech to be insulted.

She’s a liar and so are her campaign spokespersons.

VICE News wrote about her donations from private prisons she also rails against: Clinton’s Ready for Hillary PAC received $133,246 from lobbying firms linked to GEO and CCA. Rubio’s PACs and campaign have taken a total of $133,450 from private prison companies or groups that lobby on their behalf. Bush’s campaign and his Right to Rise Super PAC have received $21,700 from lobbying groups affiliated with GEO and CCA.

The difference of course is the Democrats are trying to say that illegal immigrants and blacks are being locked up to financially benefit the private prison system, and the GOP are not saying that.

Breitbart posted an exclusive with new information about a crime she might have committed in 1986 in the Whitewater scandal. Hillary has a long sketchy history and always gets away with it.

Hillary is out campaigning in New Hampshire and her campaign is letting people know how they can vote without ID.

This Hillary Twitter page tweet takes you to a page that advises you that ID is not needed to vote.

The page gives a run down of various acceptable IDs, including student IDs, and then the page says this: “Don’t have any of those? That’s okay, you can still vote by signing a brief, sworn statement.”  It’s nice of her to let everyone know.

If you vote for Hillary, you also get her corrupt, accused rapist, womanizing husband, Bill. It doesn’t get much better than that.


The federalist picked up on this photo of the audience in New Hampshire. Check out the T-shirt. My sentiments exactly.

settle for hillary


Just as an aside, all her corruption didn’t help her in New Hampshire where she couldn’t beat and aged socialist nut.

Trump Wins, Hillary Loses to an Aged Socialist Nut Who Honeymooned in the Soviet Union