Hillary’s/Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Chats with the Man Who Brought Down Nixon


Lanny Davis is a longtime friend, advisor, and stalwart supporter of the Clintons, and he is also Michael Cohen’s lawyer. For those who don’t know, Cohen was Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and he is facing serious criminal charges thanks to Mueller’s probe. Cohen’s also turned on Trump.

Davis has reached out to the former Richard Nixon’s former White House Counsel who testified against him during the Watergate investigation, destroying his presidency.

Lanny Davis says he’s been talking regularly in the past few months with John Dean, according to an article in Politico.

“I reached out to my old friend John Dean because of what he went through with Watergate, and I saw some parallels to what Michael Cohen is experiencing. I wanted to gain from John’s wisdom,” Davis told POLITICO.

He added, “I certainly don’t want to raise expectations that Mr. Cohen has anything like the level of deep involvement and detailed knowledge that John Dean had in the Nixon White House as a witness to Nixon’s crimes, but I did see some similarities and wanted to learn from what John went through.”

Davis said he’s been asking Dean, not for legal advice, but for his recollections of Watergate. [Dean reportedly has a photographic memory]

Dean confirmed the conversations.


John Dean is no friend to the President. He interviewed with Slate in an article published on the 18th about the NY Times story claiming White House Counsel Don McGahn turned on President Trump.

After suggesting Trump is a liar, he later said Trump would likely be fired before he’d resign, adding “Trump does not like people doing the right thing, like recusing when you have a conflict and you are attorney general or representing the office when you are White House counsel.” He also believes Trump would throw McGahn under the bus.

The article’s conclusion was this statement from Dean: “Watergate was not a carefully planned crime and cover-up. It was one bungled event after another. I see the same thing happening with Trump.”

There are certainly a lot of people trying to take Trump down. Anyone who thinks Mueller is going to be fair should consider how he has ignored Hillary Clinton’s egregious acts.



  1. They are in desperation mode, they see the mid-term elections as their opportunity to gain control of both Houses of Congress, eliminating Trump is crowning jewel in their journey to Tyrannical control of America for decades.

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