Hillary’s Paying Off the DNC for Votes



Hillary Clinton is paying off the DNC to buy votes in the south.

Both Bernie Sanders’ and Martin O’Malley’s campaigns have accused the Democratic National Committee of favoring Hillary Clinton. There is little doubt that’s true. They’ve scheduled few debates and they are on Saturday nights  when there are far better things for viewers to do. We now find out that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is transferring cash to the DNC for all they are doing in the South on her behalf.

The DNC is getting paid off in other words.

The southern states are where Hillary lost her edge to Barack Obama though there is little chance of her losing her edge to Sanders or O’Malley.

“We are planning to do another transfer to the DNC on December 1st,” Brynne Craig, deputy national political director for the Clinton campaign, said in an email to a state party chairman that was obtained by Breitbart News. “We will follow up to let you know the amount that is transferred.”

The DNC recently banned the Sanders’ campaign from their site after after a data breach – how convenient!

In no small thanks to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC is financially insolvent.

It’s unknown how much money has been transferred to the DNC.

Hillary said last night that everybody should love Hilary Clinton and she’s apparently willing to pay for that love! May the force be with Darth Clinton.


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