Hillary’s Potty Mouth Adviser Warns President, “You’re F***ed”


Former senior adviser to Hillary Clinton, Philippe Reines, a nutcase, sent a stern warning to President Trump. Drawing from his expansive vocabulary, he said the President is “fucked” because of the 2018 midterms. The voters, he threatened, will “render judgment” on him.

“It’s not you vs Obama. It’s not you vs Hillary,” Reines tweeted to Trump on Monday. “It’s you and your accidental two years vs America’s first 240 years. It’s the first time since Nov 8, 2016, the entire nation will render judgment (sic) on you. You’re fucked.”

He thinks Trump’s a fluke who won by accident. In the past, the little leftist explained he’s opposed to the Electoral College, which helps explain why he thinks Trump’s the accidental President.

How does anyone take an allegedly highfalutin adviser seriously when he tells the President of the United States, “You’re f**ked”?

He should be careful or he might eat crow tomorrow.

He doesn’t sound like he should be working at the highest levels of political power but he does sound like someone who would be advising Hillary Clinton for years.


Reines doesn’t have a lot of respect for all you deplorables, you MAGAs you. The elitist with the potty mouth thinks MAGAs are idiots and bigots.


  1. No need for the word (sic) after “judgment”, Sara Noble !!
    Reines amy be a complete a-hole, but his spelling is correct.
    There is, in Britain, the letter “e” in “judgement”. But NOT in America.

  2. It’s always a crap shoot guessing vote outcomes because in the end it’s down to common sense which nowadays is so rare that it’s a super power but if Trump wins, my advice to Reines is leave the country. Take a private chartered jet out because if you’re seen on the streets, Humpty Dumpty will look like a snap fix compared to what you’ll get.

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