Hillary’s Red Shirts Cause Mayhem in Cleveland


anti-American protests in Cleveland

The police in Cleveland have been doing an amazing job and they’ve kept the protesters/rioters as far away from the convention center as possible — about 4 to 6 blocks. There is no question that the Democrat Party under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton use revolutionaries to do their dirty work and that includes Black Lives Matter and their colleagues in the Socialist movement in America.

Pete Hegseth, a veteran who is also a commentator for Fox News, interviewed or tried to interview some of them yesterday.

The people he tried to speak with are Revcom or the Revolutionary Communist Party. They are the ones who marched with Black Lives Matter, Cornel West and Quentin Tarantino against cops recently. Many yesterday wore cop killer t-shirts. Revcom also provided many of the signs you see Black Lives Matter displaying.

The country has changed and the fringe is now in charge because our president has put them in charge and Hillary is picking up where he is leaving off. Black Lives Matter are invited to the White House and police chiefs are made to sit there discussing alleged police brutality (unsubstantiated by statistics) with them for White House photo-ops.

Listen to some of the protesters/rioters. They want to overturn our government, capitalism and every tradition this country was founded on.

This is where Black Lives Matter got their signs:

Look At Who Provided Those Ferguson Signs

Watters interviewed some of them.


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