Hillary’s Situation Is Now Worse Than Grave



The Daily Beast reported earlier Wednesday that the documents on Hillary Clinton’s server were some of the most classified material the government has.

They reported that it was likely someone on her staff removed the classified markings, which is a felony.

Two emails were classified “TOP SECRET//SI//TK//NOFORN” level which is exceptionally highly classified and must be handled extremely carefully. Anyone who is allowed to handle these documents has been well-trained in their proper handling.

The Daily Beast said:

There is no doubt that she, or someone on her State Department staff, violated federal law by putting TOP SECRET//SI information on an unclassified system. That it was Hillary’s private, offsite server makes the case even worse from a security viewpoint. Claims that they “didn’t know” such information was highly classified do not hold water and are irrelevant.

An unnamed State Department official told Fox News that it is increasingly likely that a Hillary Clinton insider removed the Top Secret markings from a highly sensitive document and then sent it to Hillary Clinton.

Judge Napolitano has heard from his FBI sources that if the information they need to prove it is on the server, the FBI will get it, scrubbed or not.

If an insider did it, it’s likely that it was done at Clinton’s behest.

If true, the insider will be facing serious jail time because it’s a felony.

Judge Napolitano said earlier today on Fox News that Hillary Clinton’s situation was grave. He now doesn’t know what to call it but it’s worse than grave.

Listen to Judge Andrew Napolitano.


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