Another Enlightening Interview From a Hillary SPOX


Hillary's SPOX

Tell us what you think about this lack of information from Hillary’s SPOX. Wouldn’t it be easier if all of Hillary’s people just took the Fifth whenever they are asked a question?

Brian Fallon, Clinton’s press secretary for Hillary for America, appeared on CNN to explain how Clinton’s emails were deleted. When asked if her aides were involved, he said he didn’t know what the interviewer meant by “aides.”

He also didn’t know what “wiped” means.

KEILAR: “Just to be clear, Brian, this is an electronic company I imagine in PDF form or is this the actual e-mail with the metadata on it?”

FALLON: “So, the Justice Department in addition to having the electronic form of the PDFs provided to the State Department also now have the server. I don’t know what the FBI is going to do with it but they may seek —“

KEILAR: “The wiped server. The wiped server, right, Brian?”

FALLON: “I don’t know what wiped means. The e-mails were deleted. The e-mails were deleted —“

KEILAR: “But I’m asking you about the thumb drive. You said David Kendall had the electronic copy of the e-mails. Those were PDF copies. These were not the actual e-mails that had the metadata. These were not the e-mails as you would see them on a server if they hadn’t been — do you see what I’m saying?”

FALLON: “Right, but I’m not sure what point you’re making. They’re PDFs.”

KEILAR: “More information and a judge said Cheryl Mills shouldn’t delete e-mails.”

FALLON: “That’s a separate case. I’m not sure why you’re asking about Cheryl Mills.”

KEILAR: “If you follow certain standards of preservation.”

FALLON: “No, Brianna, she has followed every request. The State Department asked for e-mails in paper form, she provided them. They were asked on a thumb drive, she provided them. She also provided the server. I don’t know what wiped means. The e-mails were deleted off the server, that’s true, but it’s quite possible, I don’t know that any steps were taken to remove any metadata. So to the extent that there is a further inquiry with respect to the server, they won’t find anything other than what we’ve represented is all the work-related e-mails were turned over and, in fact, Hillary Clinton herself has signed a declaration asserting that. So even if somehow they were able to look at any of the e-mails that were not retained, they wouldn’t find anything than what we’ve always said which is all the work related e-mails are in the possession of the state Department already.”