Hire Felons for a Tax Break



Supervisor Mirkarimi wants businessmen to hire felons for $10,000. We have so many criminals in politics, why not pay businesses to hire them too? That’s just one of my loose thoughts, not anyone’s quote, but take a look at this story.

It might even be too extreme for San Fran.  San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, in a tight race for sheriff, has  a plan to put himself ahead (or behind) the pack.

He wants to  give city businesses up to a $10,000 tax break for each person they hire with felony convictions. He told one newspaper that ex-felons are among the “most challenged populations” in getting work.

I can think of a lot more worthy populations who are challenged in getting work, such as young people, young minorities, veterans, homeless veterans, single parents, any parent, competent & skilled workers, and pretty much any unemployed person who is not a felon.



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