Hispanic Man Arrested for Executing Imam and Assistant But Trump Is Blamed



Oscar Morel of Brooklyn, 35, was taken into custody late Sunday after the police connected him to the murder of a Queens imam and his assistant when surveillance footage tied his getaway car to a hit-and-run that took place 20 minutes after the murders.

Donald Trump is being blamed! The evidence points to something quite different, however, in fact, I want Jorge Ramos and Luis Gutierrez to apologize for all the hate they are promulgating towards Donald Trump.

Oscar Morel, 35, of the borough of Brooklyn, was charged with second-degree murder just hours after hundreds of mourners gathered for the outdoor funeral of the two men on Monday. Police are investigating the possibility that Morel was a hired killer.

Morel is trying to say he was at the scene but didn’t shoot them. He was seen on surveillance video following them 8 minutes before the killing. When he was cornered by police, he rammed the police SUV several times. Police found a gun hidden in his home.

There is a reported simmering tensioning the neighborhood which is largely Hispanic because of a growing Bangladeshi Muslim presence.

Al Jazeera reported Monday that “preliminarily, [police] don’t have a motive for the shooting,” a law enforcement source insisted. “They don’t know what it’s about . . . They know it was a hit; the guy came up from behind and shot them. But they don’t have a motive.”

On Monday, many mourners expressed concern about an increasing anti-Muslim climate in New York.

“I don’t feel safe anymore,” a mourner named Mr. Hossain told Al Jazeera. “All of this hatred being propagated, especially by Donald Trump, it puts us at risk. People sometimes pass me on the street and call me Bin Laden. I just try to keep my head down and keep walking.”

Communist-Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio, riled people at the funeral, blaming hate and division for the murders and promised to step up protection at mosques and other parts of the city with big Muslim populations.

“There are voices all over this country who are spewing hate, trying to create division and turn one American against another … we’re not going to listen to those voices that try to divide us,” de Blasio said.

It’s no wonder that Khairul Islam, a local resident, singled out Donald Trump for blame, saying the Republican presidential nominee had incited hatred and fear of Muslims.

“We blame Donald Trump for this. Trump and his drama has created Islamophobia,” he was quoted by local newspaper the Daily News as saying.

The deceptive media has mentioned Oscar’s brother Alvin posting photos of Trump on his wall but they failed to elaborate on what he’s posting. For example, the New York Daily News, which is worth $1, posted this: In a posting on his Facebook page, Alvin Morel made a heartfelt plea for his family Monday night. “I can’t believe what has happened …. GOD help my brother mother father and myself,” he said.

Heavy, however, reported what else he posted which makes quite a difference. The brother was no Trump fan.

On July 18, Alvin posted a photo of Trump on his wall, without comment; he posted a photo that pronounced Trump had won the nomination in May. In March, he posted a photo of Trump as the Batman movie character, the Joker, and Chris Christie as the Penguin and another photo of Trump bearing the Republican nominee’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.” It’s not clear, however, whether Oscar shared his brother’s views on Trump, and a social media presence for the alleged killer himself was not immediately found.

The Penguin and the Joker are super villains.

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  1. If the killer was Hispanic, the overwhelming odds, according to poll after media poll, point to the fact he’s likely a Democrat.

  2. Because your barbaric hateful ways aren’t welcome here. Even if you do falsely call it religion. The people have made that clear as can be. We don’t want it. And just because some traitorous politicians, who are SUPPOSED to be representing the will of the people, turn around and bring you here of their own accord, don’t mean it’s OK with us. Take it back to where that crap is acceptable.

  3. Donald Trump has nothing to do with creating “Islamophobia.” Think 9/11 and EVERY jihadi terrorist attack on US soil since then!

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