Historian Describes the Democrats’ 50-Year ‘Long March Through the Institutions’


Historian Charles Sasser appeared on the ‘Prophecy Hour’ radio show this week to describe Obama’s “fundamental transformation” and how it is part of a long-term movement that began with Marxist activists nearly 50 years ago.

On October 30, 2008, President Obama said, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Many didn’t know what Barack Obama meant but Al Sharpton said Americans knew at the time they were choosing socialism.

Indeed, some did but many did not.

Mr. Sasser explained that the excessive dependency on government has destroyed Native-Americans and many in our cities. Dependency is bondage.

“What we’re seeing now is this fundamental transformation, and it goes all the way back to [Herbert] Marcuse,” Sasser said during the appearance. For some time, we have moved from individualism to the collective.

Herbert Marcuse

“In the 1960s when he  [Marcuse] was talking about the ‘long march through the institutions,’ this is what Obama was talking about when he talked of the fundamental transformation of America.”

The concept of the ‘long march’ was the brainchild of radical Rudi Dutsche. What Dutsche  was describing were the conditions for the Marxist revolution as divined by the notorious Frankfort School.

FDR called it ‘convergence’ and said eventually the democratic Republic and socialism would converge. The problem of course is socialism by its nature must overcome the Republic. They are contradictions in terms. You can’t have both together.

The Frankfort plan was to have Marxists infiltrate all of America’s major institutions – politics, the news media, the education system, the churches, the entertainment industry – and slowly subvert those institutions from within, thereby subverting America.

They have succeeded in doing that.

Marcuse, a prominent Marxist intellectual associated with the Frankfurt School, agreed with Dutschke’s strategy and put it out in the public domain in his 1972 book “Counterrevolution and Revolt.”

Sasser, authored a new book, “Crushing the Collective: The Last Chance to Keep America Free and Self-Governing,”  in which he points out instances in which Hillary referenced it: “Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

While Mr. Sasser didn’t refer to this, Barack Obama was clear when he said we needed wealth redistribution. He told Joe the Plumber we needed a “little” of it but he ended up massively introducing it through climate change, Obamacare, regulations, the Furthering Fair Housing Act, among other actions.

“Let’s look at our education,” Sasser said. “We’ve got safe spaces; we’ve got all these people who refuse to listen to anyone who has an opinion different from their own. They will riot, break windows, everything else to keep people from free speech,” Sasser said.

The interviewer said he didn’t expect them to get violent this fast but they are on the move.

They are also undermining Christianity, Sasser says.

“In 2012, when Obama was nominated for a second term, the Democratic National Committee took God out of their platform, and when someone proposed that they put God back in the platform, the entire stadium [at the Democratic National Convention] booed the idea of putting God in the platform,” he recalled.

“Now, look a few months later: There was a prayer at an abortion rally, and they prayed to God for God to help on abortions.”

We are not quoting Mr. Sasser here, but he would probably agree with this next statement since it goes alone with his comment about Hillary wanting to see fundamental change to religious institutions. It is this: the Catholic Church has been deliberately perverted. We saw that in leaked Podesta emails. They already felt secure in their belief that transforming the church was well underway according to their communications. George Soros funds most of the leftist ‘Catholic’ organizations that are Marxist in nature.

We are giving up our free speech to allow these people to be the only ones heard. Political correctness is keeping people silent which Mr. Sasser says is necessary to complete their agenda. The Marxists are the revolutionaries and the non-Marxists have to be compliant to make this work.

Rome lost their history which helped lead to their downfall. The left is tearing down every statue, altering books, demonizing Founding Fathers, renaming anything “offensive”, dismissing The Declaration of Independence, and so on.

Sasser uses a quote from George Orwell’s 1984 to explain what is happening: “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

This is the United States today.

“Look what’s happening to the family,” he said. You are a homophobe or a racist if you say anything. Mr. Sasser stated that America is 46th in the world in free speech and free press. That is how they silence us. If we don’t speak out, they win.

We are also being transformed politically. Howard Dean, Madeleine Albright and Tom Daschle have served as leaders of Socialist International.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus was founded by socialist Bernie Sanders and includes 83 Democratic House members in 2010. Bernie is an avowed Marxist who honeymooned in Soviet Russia. Polls show 65% view socialism positively. Socialism is only meant to serve as the interim, the path to communism. The Institute for Policy Studies, a very powerful and far-left think tank included Leon Panetta, Obama’s former defense secretary and CIA director.

Mr. Sasser also talked about the ‘barbarians at the gate’. The Romans hired foreigners to do their work and even to guard them. That put the end of the Roman Empire into motion.

Sasser also explains that George Soros funded Barack Obama’s campaign and Hillary Clinton’s campaign and he is a sinister guy.

He recognizes that it might not be possible to take back our institutions. The left is more powerful.

Mr. Sasser is hoping Trump can push back as Ronald Reagan did. “But then I look at the institutions. Like Newt Gingrich said, once they own the cultural institutions, they’re impossible to regain, and if they own all of the institutions, including many of our churches right now, if they do that we can’t retake them if we can’t crush this idea of the collective.”

As Obama said, “Now is our time,” and Mr. Sasser said he meant we were going to become socialist. He thinks we are going to do that because we don’t fight back.

Our only hope is to take back the values that worked for America.

This is not from Mr. Sasser, but it’s why we believe the slogans, ‘Make America Great Again’ and “America First” is so hated.

Tyranny wins or freedom wins. They can’t both win.


Source: WND

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