Historian says foreign governments knew in 24 hours Russia collusion was bogus


Presidential historian Doug Wead told a Fox News host that the impeachment is purely partisan. He responded to the host asking him about Lisa Murkowski’s recent concerns about comments made by Senate Majority Leader McConnell. The Alaska senator was opposed to McConnell coordinating the process with the White House and suggesting the decision is made.

Sen. Murkowski’s comments are just political rhetoric, and, of course, it’s settled unless some new information magically appears.

Wead laughed it off but did say the senators could end up dragging the trial out. He didn’t think that is what the Democrats want.

Democrats, he said, were wrong about Russia collusion, never apologized…two months of bribery and never took a breath or said they were wrong about that…and went right into Ukraine. It’s partisan, and Republicans can’t revolt without risking the wrath of voters, he told the host.

In his book, he said he has a great story in there about the Trump kids who are traveling all over the world and heads of state are pulling them aside to tell them “to please tell their father how sorry they are about this Russia collusion nonsense.”

Mr. Wead explained that these foreign governments don’t sit around waiting for a Mueller report. They put their intelligence services on it, and they knew within 24 hours that this was a bogus story. The future of their country depended on knowing that.”

Is there any chance Democrat leaders didn’t know it as well?

He also commented on the Democrat agenda of hating Trump as inadequate to win an election.


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