Historic Numbers Are Enrolling for Obamacare But You Can’t Know How Many


The LA Times is now reporting that Covered California originally reported more than 5 million hits on October 1st and that somehow was supposed to account for their inability to stay online and work while online. Those numbers were a bit overstated. They only had 514K hits according to the Long Beach Press. That’s just hits – some were probably bots.

Most of the healthcare.gov sites in the country crashed or simply didn’t function. They still aren’t.  The Obama administration attributed it to the overwhelming interest in the new healthcare options.

Anonymous insurance industry officials told The Washington Post that very few people have signed up. They say the numbers are in the single digits. Blue Cross/Blue Shield which helped saddle us with this law spent $60 million to prepare for the first day and probably could have spent $600 dollars.

Maybe it’s karma?

Some of the issues couldn’t possibly be related to heavy traffic and seem more the result of sloppiness. Forbes cites the drop-down menu as one of those problems.

The Washington Post had a funny column on the issue:

If you have purchased health coverage on the federal government’s new Obamacare marketplace, about a dozen or so reporters would like to speak with you. We promise we won’t take up too much of your time!

We just need to find you first.

The federal government has said that somewhere out in this vast country of 313 million people, where 48 million lack insurance coverage, someone has managed to sign up for health insurance on the federally-run marketplaces. As of yet, we haven’t tracked this person – or these people – down.

This is not for lack of effort. Reporters here at The Washington Post and at other publications have been on the hunt for this mythical creature.


More importantly, will the youth sign up for these healthcare plans even though it increases their premiums by as much as 97%?  It can’t work without them. The government wants them to sign up for the expensive plans out of patriotism.

The one thing we know for sure is very sick and poor people will sign up.

There are many bizarre cases popping up. One up-and-coming 30-year old lawyer who did sign up was eligible for Medicaid, which he took. We are now putting young lawyers on a welfare medical program?

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is touting the historic numbers but won’t release said historic numbers. The Daily Mail believes the enrollment rate are under 1%. Connecticut, a big Obamacare-loving state, skyrocketed to 167 applicants. New York might have had .32%. Historic!!!

Actually, those numbers are misleading because the website doesn’t work.

Obamacare is more popular than it should be but half the country is on an entitlements and not paying federal taxes so the polls aren’t all that surprising.

Public Approval of Health Care Law from RealClearPolitics

RCP Average 9/4 – 9/29 39.4 51.4 Against/Oppose +12.0
CNN/Opinion Research 9/27 – 9/29 803 A 38 57 Against/Oppose +19
Quinnipiac 9/23 – 9/29 1497 RV 45 47 Against/Oppose +2
CBS News/NY Times 9/19 – 9/23 1014 A 39 51 Against/Oppose +12
Rasmussen Reports* 9/14 – 9/15 1000 LV 43 53 Against/Oppose +10
ABC News/Wash Post 9/12 – 9/15 1004 A 42 52 Against/Oppose +10
FOX News* 9/6 – 9/8 900 RV 35 54 Against/Oppose +19
NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl 9/5 – 9/8 1000 A 31 44 Against/Oppose +13
USA Today/Pew Research 9/4 – 9/8 1506 A 42 53 Against/Oppose +11

All Public Approval of Health Care Law Polling Data