Historic vote by UC Berkeley student government condemning campus anti-Semitism‏


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ASUC Senate Passes Bill Condemning Anti-Semitism

On Wednesday, February 25th, the ASUC Senate passed a bill sponsored by Senator Ori Herschmann that condemns the campus anti-Semitism with a defining historic 20-0 vote. The bill, which specifically mentions numerous instancesof anti-Semitism in the UC system over the past five years, calls for the ASUC to do more to protect the rights of Jewish students.

“As a brother of AEPI, I saw the horrible anti-Semitic actions that occurred at our UC Davis chapter where swastikas were spray-painted on their house as well as discrimination against a Jewish student within the UCLA student government,” said Senator Ori Herschmann. “It’s extremely important for the ASUC and student governments alike to actively fight anti-Semitism and make sure all Jewish students feel safe on campus.” The bill, co-sponsored by numerous campus leaders including ASUC President Pavan Upadhyayula, the Jewish Student Union, and fellow ASUC Senators, includes numerous provisions to improve campus climate. This bill adopts the US State department’s definition of anti-Semitism as the official description for the ASUC, and condemns anti-Semitic behavior on college campuses. Most pertinently, the bill creates an ASUC committee to actively fight against anti-Semitism as well as a meeting with Chancellor Dirks and the Dean of Students to combat anti-Semitism. Furthermore, the passed bill creates an Ad-Hoc committee to plan Holocaust memorial day programming, giving the commemorative event a more special place in the ASUC calendar.

“This bill demonstrates that the Jewish community is a minority, and that deserves protection from discrimination and hate,” said Senator Herschmann. “Today, we have taken a big step in making sure the Jewish people of all UC campuses, not just Berkeley, can live safely without fear of anti-Semitism throughout their time at college.”


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