History Ignoramus Geraldo Rivera Claims Israel Is Occupying Palestine


We have had an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs.

~ Newt Gingrich, 2011

Reps. Tlaib’s and Omar’s constant lying about Palestine, which they do in hopes of destroying Israel, is having an effect. Fox News’ commentator Geraldo Rivera now thinks Israel is occupying Palestine, a land, not a nation, where many Jews lived before it became Israel. Jews living in ‘Palestine’ were called Palestinians.

Rivera tweeted, “Those attacking @RashidaTlaib (& @IlhanMN ) for their stance on Israel are in denial,” Rivera tweeted. “Israel is occupying Palestinian land. No spinning or propagandizing or mythologizing or rationalizing is going to change that ugly fact.”


“The Jews have held that land 5 separate times historically. the first ended in 586 BCE the second in 70 CE. The third was under Bar Kochba concluded in 135 CE, 4th was in the 1600s under the Turks. 5th is the current state of Israel established in 1948,” as one Twitter user said correctly.

In 135 C.E., Romans punished the Jews for their uprisings by changing the name of their land, Judea, to Palaestina. But, it was called the Holy Land or Outremer by the Holy Roman Empire. It was never officially Palestine.

In 1695, “Most of the land was empty, desolate, and the inhabitants few in number and mostly concentrated in the towns of Jerusalem, Acco, Tzfat, Jaffa, Tiberius and Gaza. Most of the inhabitants were Jews and the rest Christians. There were few Muslims, mostly nomad Bedouins. … In the Galilee capital, Nazareth, lived approximately 700 Christians and in Jerusalem approximately 5000 people, mostly Jews and some Christians. … In Gaza for example, lived approximately 550 people, 50 percent Jews and the rest mostly Christians.”


The League of Nations brought back the title Palestine for the area, once it divided the Ottoman Empire under the Sykes-Picot Treaty.

Twenty-six years later, when the UN divided what was left of Palestine into two states, they called for the formation of Jewish Palestinian and Arab Palestinian states. That’s right, according to the original UN partition Israel is a Palestinian state. Between the Israeli/Arab armistice in 1949 and the Six-Day War in 1967, there was no demand for a Palestinian State in the Egyptian-controlled Gaza and Jordanian-controlled West Bank.

UN Resolution 181 called for dividing Palestine into Independent Arab and Jewish, States in 1947 and that was the day the Arab world declared war on the Jewish state.

The Arabs who lived there were Syrians, Egyptians, Jordanians, Lebanese, Bedouins, Saudis. There was no Palestine until Yasser Arafat helped invent it in the 1940s. In 1952, he found the Fatah Movement (Palestinian National Liberation Movement).

In 1964, Arafat created a new organization to reaffirm his aspirations and his people to possess an autonomous state in the face of the territorial ambitions of Israel and their Arab neighbors. As a result, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was created, supported by the President of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Thus began the so-called nation of Palestine.

Prior to that, no Palestinian people can be found in history.

In 1982, Israel was invaded and by 1988, the areas occupied by Israel in 1967 were proclaimed by the PLO as an independent Palestinian state.

In 1993, Arafat declared that the borders don’t matter:

“The question of borders doesn’t interest us… From the Arab standpoint, we mustn’t talk about borders. Palestine is nothing but a drop in an enormous ocean. Our nation is the Arabic nation that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea and beyond it…The P.L.O. is fighting Israel in the name of Pan-Arabism. What you call “Jordan” is nothing more than Palestine.”

It is also true that the Middle East was Christian but Islamists tortured, killed, chased them out.

Rivera never complains about Hamas, the Palestinian terrorists.

Geraldo thinks Yasser was George Washington. He’s an apologist for terrorists.



    • Hi,

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    • Widen your understanding!
      When you are talking about homelands in this context, you need to think in thousands of years of documented history, not less than one hundred.
      BTW, the swastika, as it is called now is much, much older than Germany, let alone The Third Reich.

  1. not sure why an account of ancient history is in any way relevant to the recent set of facts.

    European Jews desired a Homeland in the late 1800s. ‘Zionism’. Hence the Balfour declaration and the Palestinian Mandate.

    In 1931 there were 800,000 Muslims living in Palestine. There were 175,000 Jews. There were about 100,000 Christians. Hitler. Jews leave Europe.
    By 1936, the Jewish Population had doubled. And WWII had not begun yet.

    If you can’t accept simple historical reality, that 10s of thousands of Europeans migrated into the region, because the British rule imposed that onto the Arabs, and the Arabs reacted to that, then you are simple deluded.

    Nobody cares what Palestine or wasn’t was 2000 years ago.

  2. There’s a well known history book called the Holy Bible and if one were to look at the Book of Joshua, Chapter 1, starting with verse 3, he would find that Israel has always owned the lands.

  3. The ultimate goal of the Palestinian organizations coincides with the designs of their Arab sponsors. The objective is to eliminate the Jewish state and establish an Arab nation in its place. Ignorant and blind to reality, Geraldo is playing right into their evil plans.

  4. First of all you don’t know the Newt Gingrich I know. Who, when Speaker, stood up with Janet Reno and said it was silly for the militia to go to the southern California border to stop illegals, because it wasn’t a problem.

    Second, at an academic level let’s discuss the “State” of Israel, who IS occupying Palestine.

    I don’t favor either of these “ethnic” groups over the other, but let’s research to see which has harmed the USA the most….

    … check here IRmep.org

    • Well in the 1990’s the border incursion problem was insignificant compared to what it is today. Now we have well-funded American activist groups actively encouraging Central Americans to leave their homes and emigrate to the USA by overwhelming our laws, causing havoc and chaos. There is a major difference with the border situation as it was during the Clinton Administration.

      Some critical thinking on your part may straighten you out. Try it.

    • Politicians will always be politicians, and
      history will always be history!
      No matter what you may think, there has never been a real country, Palestine.
      That may be why they have been thrown out of every Arab country they have tried to inhabit.
      They have a rich history of unrest.
      Of causing trouble, where ever they go.
      1964 was not that long ago for some of us, and we remember what a skunk that Arafat was.
      We remember the torment he caused the world.
      Also, no one has been able to come up with a single good thing that the Palestinians have come up with, or done, that has helped mankind.
      That is truly sad for a people that seemingly has, as it’s only export, terror!

  5. FACT: Islam took over the Arab and many other nations by FORCE and or the threat of force, not through a democratic process.

  6. Geraldo is an interesting old man. Very smart, and a pumped body better than an athlete half his age. I’ve met him in person… We must understand, Geraldo is a “professionally trailed LIAR = Lawyer” – Yes, as a lawyer and paid Lefty-Liberal talking head, much comes out of his mouth that is not true, but supports the bank accounts of his employer = the entertainment industry.

  7. Yes, Gerald is an ignoramus, but not because of the large amount of drugs he consumed or his innumerable uncontrollable sexual dalliances. He is an ignoramus because without being one, he wouldn’t have a show.

  8. Another talking head that I can’t stand to listen to, or see, along with Juan Williams.
    The group calling themselves “Palestinians” were always known as troublemakers throughout history. Makes sense that they would continue to be so even now. Its just how they are.

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