Ho Hum! Andrew Gillum Calls Ron DeSantis a ‘Racist’


Socialist candidate Andrew Gillum is running as a Democrat for governor of Florida. Currently, he is the Mayor of Tallahassee which has one of the highest crime rates of the cities in his state. He is also under FBI investigation but lied about it at the second debate with his opponent, Ron Di Santis.

Gillum claimed he never got freebies, yet, we found out two days later that an undercover FBI agent gave him a $1,000 ticket to see the play ‘Hamilton’ in exchange for favors. Gillum took favors from lobbyists and gave them what they wanted and then he lied about it. Watch the clip at the end.

De Santis is 6 points behind the hard-left candidate, frighteningly. The Tallahassee fraud will ruin the state.

No one is allowed to criticize him or hit him with facts. Whoever does is a racist.

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