Hoax! A Whopping 80 Percent of the ‘Separated Children’ Weren’t Separated


An article by Daniel Horowitz explain how the open borders politicos and mainstream media work together to deceive Americans and the judiciary who become accomplices thanks to the manipulation by the American Civil Liberties Union.

The sudden concern for children of illegal aliens breaking into our country puts the lie to their ‘humanitarian’ mission. They didn’t care when Barack Obama did it and they don’t care now when the children fall into the hands of cartels. There is little concern for those children sent alone. In fact, the policies encourage more of it.

The appeal to the compassion of the average American is aimed only at the destruction of American Immigration Law.

The so-called catastrophe of children separated at the border is a charade.

As Horowitz puts it, the entire ‘family separation’ crisis was built of lies.

Instead of marshaling forces to deal with drug cartels, gangs, and special interest aliens [which includes terrorists] at the border and in the country, law enforcement has to spend their time and money obeying the new commander in chief, San Diego Judge Dana Sabraw, as Horowitz puts it so aptly.

Sabraw controls our entire border policy and has put us back into promoting ‘catch-and-release’.


As if that isn’t enough, many parents are smugglers who aren’t looking to reunify.

Through the process of reporting back to Sabraw, the DHS produced a memo breaking down the number of children reunited with parents. The data shows that of the 2,551 adults who were recently separated from children age five and older at the border, 917 are “either not, or not yet known to be eligible, for reunification;” 130 waived their right to be reunited because they wanted their children to get refugee status; and for 463, “case notes indicated adult is not in U.S., under review.”

This likely means that in addition to the 130 who didn’t seem to care about reuniting with their children, an additional 463 left the country without explicitly waiving their right of reunification, but still left their kids behind.


The lying media didn’t bother to tell us that 80 percent of the children crossing over since 2014 are unaccompanied. Almost all been resettled with illegal in-laws or aunts and uncles as well as parents who successfully evaded the border patrol over the years and have settled in the country illegally, Horowitz reports.

The U.S. has helped smugglers bring children of people here illegally into the country. In other words, our law enforcement are forced to act as smugglers working with cartels.

The illegals are sending their kids here first to live with illegal alien relatives or they abandon their kids and come here first. Then coyotes bring the rest of the family over.

The family units are a way to avoid border patrol.


These judges are the biggest enablers of the drug cartels and “opioid” crisis, Horowitz writes.

Many of these children come in with mental, emotional, and physical issues, from their journey alone and we have to educate them.

Maryland and Long Island have had a gang problem since 2014 thanks to the thousands that have been poured into the areas. We pay for our own demise.

The cartels use the unaccompanied children and the adults as mules and many continue to serve as conduits once here. The families are often diversions from the cartels bringing in drugs.

As Judge Andrew Hanen said of this phenomenon in 2013, it “successfully complet[ed] the mission of the criminal conspiracy” of drug smugglers to smuggle people over the border on behalf of parents “at significant expense” to taxpayers.

The Washington Examiner and Brandon Judd, the president of the Border Patrol Council, have confirmed this phenomenon.

In 2007, 5,171 people claimed credible fear in order to get asylum. In 2016, it was 91,786. That is the drug crisis.

This is the fraud the media refuses to report.

To further support the argument, Horowitz states, 73 percent of the migrants in fiscal year 2017 were male. It’s exactly what goes on in Europe. They are economic migrants, terrorists and transnational gang members.


People from 35 countries are deemed likely terrorist-tied [Middle Easterners] and they pay up to $30,000 to come into our country illegally.

Several hundred Bangladeshis have come through alone, primarily in the Laredo sector. How many more have we not apprehended? The Bangladeshis actually speak Farsi [Iran] and hold false documents as Bangladeshis.

Venezuela and Nicaragua, with their ties to Iran, Russia, and China, are serving as hubs for Middle Easterners. They come over, get false documents, and move on to Guatemala.

The latter country has served as a bottleneck for many of the special interest aliens. It has created security problems for our embassy in Guatemala City.

Several hundred thousand Middle Easterners have been placed in Venezuela’s immigration system.  Many of them traveled to Nicaragua, which is on the verge of collapsing.

So, to all the uninformed, virtue-signalling Americans, isn’t it time to care about your fellow Americans and your country?

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5 years ago

As Lincoln said, we will never fall to an outside enemy but to an enemy from within. These idiot judges, the rotten ACLU, they are the enemy within. Plus the Democratic Party and RINO’s.

Mark Webb
Mark Webb
5 years ago

And nothing will change…..

5 years ago

They really don’t care if is their hatred of Trump and American values which leads their agenda!

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Americans who still believe in true traditional family values, patriotism, an orderly united society, should pay attention to what the ‘open borders crowd’ are doing to our beloved country. Allowing a an evil invasion to swarm through our porous borders.