Teamsters President Jimmy P Hoffa Heaps Praise on Donald Trump


James P Hoffa, born 1940, President, International Brotherhood of Teamsters

The President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Jimmy P. Hoffa said President Trump is fulfilling his promises to unions and Hoffa will work with the president where he can. The Teamsters president praised Trump profusely in an interview with Maria Bartiromo Sunday morning on Fox News.

“Well when it comes to unions, we’re talking about Wow! this is something! Basically, we all oppose TPP and with the stroke of a pen he does it, what we’ve been talking about. We’re very encouraged by that and we’ve always been against NAFTA. We always said that TPP was NAFTA on steroids. So we gotta be applauding him on that. We want to keep good union jobs here in this country and not export them to Vietnam or some place like that.”

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