Hogg Discounts News That Millennials Are Conservative on Guns


David Hogg who has become the poster boy of the left-wing youth movement was asked about the polls that who his generation is overall conservative on guns. That makes him the outlier.

According to Daily Caller, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough asked Hogg on Morning Joe what he thought about the Harvard polls showing millennials are very progressive on most issues but conservative about guns.

Because we all need his expert opinion as a 17-year old.

What’s Hogg’s Message

Scarborough asked, “What message do you have, instead of just to elected leaders, what message do you have to your own generation and other millennials who are more conservative than most would expect on this issue?”

Hogg quickly responded that the polls are “biased”.

He probably knew the question in advance.

“One thing I think is important to remember about those polls is conservative students and conservative people in the millennial generation are typically a lot more politically active, so the polls may be biased in that way because many students that have more liberal views may just not partake in them,” Hogg claimed.

Huh? Who gave him that answer?

Since when are conservative youth more politically active? Even if true, how does that explain the polls? How does it explain that they are liberal on every other issue?

He needs to develop his critical thinking skills and stop memorizing left-wing talking points.

Hogg is also calling for student walkouts on the 14th of every month. Kids shouldn’t have to go to school he says until Congress puts through gun control.

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