Hogg Gets Minced by Kyle Kashuv Over His Snide Religion Tweet


Kyle Kashuv, a Parkland student survivor just gave a dramatic dress down to David Hogg, a leftist operative and student survivor.


David Hogg is a verbally vicious 17-year old, but if you dare criticize him or something he has said, he will try to destroy you. He shouldn’t be given another moment of attention but he is now acting in concert with Soros’s Media Matters to destroy Fox News personality, Laura Ingraham. Because he didn’t like her tweet, he and the Soros-Brock Media Matters’ machine are attempting to destroy her livelihood.

She apologized she said in the interest of the holy season since she is a devout Catholic. Hogg then doubled down, refused to accept her apology and is trying even harder to destroy her. Ms. Ingraham is taking a week off, signalling the possibility that her job is in jeopardy or she will just enjoy her time with her children.

He Went Too Far And Brought Out Kyle

That isn’t enough, however. He also mocked her religion.

Kyle Kashuv had a great response. He noted that Ms. Ingraham is a cancer survivor in his retort.

Pity the College

Hogg is a no-nothing troublemaker. Pity the college that gets him.

This little fili in the blank, who lives in a tony suburb with a loving family and has access to the free speech he won’t allow Laura Ingraham, thinks he lives in a police state: “We’ve grown up around Columbine. We’ve grown up with the recession. We grew up in this police state.” —@davidhogg111

Klye hit Chris Cuomo while he was besting Hogg.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota actually asked this question. They are so proud of it, they posted it.

Featured cartoon by Antonio Branco at Right Net Daily

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5 years ago

That bit with Laura may have set him over the edge.



5 years ago

Someone found Hogg’s reddit posts and some are interesting to say the least. He goes under Davisgreen111. I know little about reddit but he self-identifies in one post with a picture as a little kid, showing his name. This is one from a year ago:

How to be a nicer person via meditation? (self.Meditation)

submitted 1 year ago by davisgreen111

I am someone who has constant and jarring deep seeded hatred for those around me and myself not really for any main reason I mean I’m a relatively privileged kid that has had the American dream childhood but I moved from CA to FL 2 years ago and ever since then I have become an arrogant mean manipulative asshole I have a constant felling that everyone around me wants to hurt me how can I stop this?

This is the link that confirms his identity:

He has few friends



His dad is a ‘disabled vet’ and his desire to go to UC was for Free Tuition.


He’s using his fame now for his “journalism” aspirations.


This is where I started:


Frank S.
Frank S.
5 years ago

No wonder Camera Hogg won’t debate Kyle. I pity the school that opens their doors to this kid, or the first professor that has the balls to give him anything less than an “A”.
Still wondering if he’s ever held any kind of job out in the real world.

5 years ago

“What kind of dumbass colleges don’t want you?” ……..Here CNN I fixed for you, “What kind of colleges don’t want your dumbass?”