Hogg Is Back! Will Extend His 15 Minutes of Fame to a Year


David Hogg, who is promoting himself based on the mass shooting in Parkland, thinks he can extend his 15 minutes of fame to one year. He will lead mass rallies organized by the far-left and get out the vote for Democrats. Since he plans to become a journalist or filmmaker, this is a career step for him.

Someone should explain to him that he is over. He’s back to being a nobody and only appeals to the hard-left.

His political stage mother says he will spend a gap year to work on the midterms and gun control.

“He will not be going to college this year because he’s decided to take a year off and work on the midterm elections,” Rebecca Boldrick told CNN on Monday.

Ms. Boldrick said her son had been accepted at the University of California, Irvine, but decided to help register new voters and push gun control causes.

The entire Parkland marches have been supported by and will be continued by the hard-left. They are coming for our guns and they hope to destroy Republicans while they are at it.

The hard-left has pumped his Twitter followers up to 700k through their networking on organizations like the ‘Women’s March’, ‘Everytown’,  ‘Empower’ and “Media Matters’.

He tried to get Laura Ingraham fired for goofing on him for not getting into competitive colleges. He has since gotten into UC Irvine, the least competitive in the California State University system.

Twitter Democrats are placing their hopes on him. Maxine is their ‘rock star’, Michael Brown is their “martyr”, and Hogg is their boy wonder. Half the country can’t stand him. He is abrasive, arrogant, and a know-it-all who has been caught lying a number of times. Brian Stelter says he doesn’t correct his misstatements because — how many times can you correct a commenter?

Does anyone know if he’s even graduating? He’s taken a lot of time off.


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